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Free Curricula
Below you will find three curricula developed and written by Kesa Kivel that are available for facilitators, parents, young people, social workers, counselors, health providers, and others to read online and/or to download:

Girl House and Beyond:
A Facilitator’s Guide for Empowering
Young Women


The purpose of the Girl House and Beyond curriculum is to help facilitators create a safe environment in which students can view the Girl House Art Project film and explore the topic of sexual harassment through ten engaging activities, many of which include artwork.  Even if a facilitator does not have access to the film, she (or he) can still do nine of the activities.  The intention is for students who have been sexually harassed to begin the healing process, and for all students to learn some critical thinking skills and gain an understanding of the social/cultural factors that affect girls' and women's lives.  Read online and/or download this free curriculum at http://www.kesakivel.com/.  Free print copies of the Girl House and Beyond curriculum are also available (while supplies last).  Contact Kesa at www.kesakivel.com.

Girl_House_and_Beyond_Cover_page Girl_House_and_Beyond_Cover_page

Moon Magic Workshop on Puberty:
A Facilitator’s Guide for Helping Girls
Come of Age
(online only)


The curriculum addresses the emotional, practical, and cultural aspects of menstruation and growing up female and includes:  lesson plans; a butterfly art activity to help girls develop their intuition; discussion questions and a handout to help girls deal with leaks; a read-around activity on puberty rites from around the world; an exercise in which girls learn some critical thinking skills and critique menstrual product advertisements; a red jellybean celebration; and a take-home letter and resource list for parents and guardians, offering talking points about growing up female, a recommended reading list, and suggestions for ways to celebrate a girl's first period.  Read online and/or download this free curriculum at http://www.kesakivel.com/.

MoonMagicCoverFINAL MoonMagicCoverFINAL

Taking Our Place in the Art World:
Feminist Arts Curriculum
(online only)
The curriculum was developed in conjunction with the exhibition "Multiple Vantage Points: Southern California Women Artists, 1980-2006," which was on view at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park from February 25 through April 15, 2007.  The curriculum includes the following:  an exercise to help students consider why there are relatively few well-known women artists; an exercise to help students explore the topic of gender stereotypes; a handout describing discrimination and obstacles faced by women in the art world; a research and art timeline activity that celebrates women's accomplishments; and a resource list.  Read online and/or download this free curriculum at http://www.kesakivel.com/.
Taking Taking

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